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Flexi Hex

Our range of plastic-free bottle packaging protects products of all dimensions, so whether your company sells wine, whisk(e)y, spirits, Champagne or no to low alcohol – we have you covered. With post-ready boxes for one, two, three and six bottles, customers will receive Instagram-worthy packaging that is representative of your brand values while you can feel confident that bottles will arrive safely in one piece.

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Paper packaging to protect product and planet.

At Flexi-Hex ®, the goal is a clear one; to remove plastic from the packaging industry and raise awareness of the environmental threats currently facing our world.

With around 17.6 billion pounds of plastic entering the ocean annually, our philosophy is focused around creating practical and innovative solutions that ultimately help reduce the amount of packaging waste ending up in marine environments.

Using a patented, honeycomb design made from paper, our sustainable packaging is strong, adaptable, and biodegradable. Resulting in an eco-friendly product that doesn’t compromise on quality and functionality.

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The Choice? It's Simple

How would you like to receive a bottle packaged? One is plastic, offers good protection but takes up to 1000 years to break down and you need to inflate it. The other is Flexi-Hex, which is made from over 85% recycled material, is 100% plastic free, composts in 6 weeks and is domestically recyclable.

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Reduced Breakage Rates

Having passed rigorous European drop tests, the unique structure of our honeycomb sleeves has proven to be incredibly impact resistant. Combined with the clever engineering of our postal boxes, we’re helping companies both big and small to reduce their breakage rates to less than 1%. That’s a stat we like.

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Cost Effective

The high quality of our packaging not only elevates the consumer unpacking experience but also benefit costs throughout the supply chain. With one pallet of Flexi-Hex being the equivalent to 5 pallets of bubble wrap, our packaging can reduce costs in both shipping and storage.

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