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In Residence

Over our years in business we have formed some great relationships, the below are our ongoing collaborations and partnerships.

The Wine Library

In close collaboration with Cooper & Company and Cheshire Architects, Atelier Nash helped develop the Wine Library’s unrivalled design and functional space. Atelier Nash regularly hosts corporate, branded and private events in the Wine Library at Hotel Britomart, an exclusive event space that has to be
experienced to be believed.

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The Northern Club

Home to Auckland’s most discerning palates, The Northern Club’s ivy-cloaked building is a Category 1 historic site that’s played host to countless meetings, meals, anniversaries and celebrations since 1869. Atelier Nash continues this rich tradition with engaging, free flowing events throughout the Club’s calendar.

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Smith & Caughey's

Taking up residence as lead buyer, merchandiser and fine wine director at Smith & Caughey’s, Atelier Nash brings a unique high-end wine offering to New Zealand’s most beloved retailer. You’ll find all the great names from New Zealand and the world, curated for you.

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